Who Sets Up An Appointment With Us

Description of the Person

Stressed beyond belief - When you are having difficulty paying bills, it feels like (and is) a matter of survival.

Physically tired and often not feeling well - Stress from finances is one of the worst types of stress. It really takes a toll on the person emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Frustrated - The person does not know where to turn and does not believe that there are options.

Depressed - When these feelings set in, it is common to have symptoms of depression. This IS NOT A SIGN OF WEAKNESS. Anyone who is stressed (and probably having trouble sleeping) will be down and will have difficulty feeling optimistic.

Disappointment - The person who comes in is usually a good, honorable person who desperately wants to pay his or her bills. The person is used to paying bills, and the idea of not being able to pay them is alien to the person.

Feelings of failure - The person often feels like they are a failure if they can't pay. The person feels like they are letting down friends, family and society. The reality is that things happen- illness, divorce, loss of job, reduction of hours, a slow buildup of debt that eventually becomes overwhelming.

Relationship difficulties - Due to the stress/pressure, the person often has difficulty maintaining normal relationships. Marriages and parent-child relationships often suffer.

Usual Objectives of the Person

"How do I pay my bills?" The person wants to pay his or her bills, but the person can't. The person needs options. The person is not trying to cheat anyone.

"I want to avoid Bankruptcy." The person wants to repay his or her creditors, and the person has distorted views of the downsides of Bankruptcy.

"I want to keep what I own." There is a fear that creditors or the Court will take assets/belongings.

"I don't want my credit destroyed forever." There is a common misunderstanding that credit has to be bad forever if you can't pay.

Our Objectives-We want to

  • Relieve the stress and get life back to where it makes sense.
  • Educate you so that you make an informed and comfortable decision.
  • Only file Bankruptcy when it is appropriate. We do not force people into it.
  • Help the person retain his or her assets/belongings.
  • Assist you in restoring your credit rating and creditworthiness.
  • Make you feel good about yourself and restore your optimism about the future.