Tax Issues

With taxes, we have traditionally provided the following information:

If you have had difficulty paying income, payroll, sales or property taxes, we have a number of options.

With older income taxes, we may be able to eliminate those taxes with no repayment of any kind. Very generally, if the tax is due for a year that is more than 3 years old, and if you filed the tax return yourself at least two years ago, we may be in a position to eliminate the liability.

With (1) newer taxes, (2) taxes where you filed the returns more recently, (3) payroll/sales taxes, or (4) taxes for which there is a tax lien, we may be able to establish a repayment plan over a 60 month time period. This is often better than the taxing authority will offer on a voluntary basis.

As a result, we are often able to help with tax problems.