Chapter 7

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Eliminate Unsecured Debt ◦ Keep Your Home and Car

Chapter 7 is the most common form of personal bankruptcy. People who qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically have a great amount of unsecured debt with little income. Filing bankruptcy can give them a fresh start so they can move forward with life.

The law firm of Law Offices of Robert H. Gourley Jr., P.A., is a debt relief agency proudly providing options to people with financial problems for more than 24 years. We can help determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or whether another option is better for your situation. We offer personalized service and the benefit of our experience and positive reputation.

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Eliminating Unsecured Debts

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, most of your unsecured debt will be eliminated. This may include credit card bills, medical bills, signature loans, and amounts owed after a home or car is surrendered to creditors (if you decided to surrender these items). Unsecured debts that cannot usually be eliminated include certain taxes, domestic obligations (like child support), student loans (unless undue hardship is shown), and improper use of credit before filing.

When our attorneys review your situation, we will help you differentiate between your secured debts and unsecured debts. Our goal is reduce your overall debt as much as possible.

Keep Your Home and Car

In a Chapter 7 filing, you may decide to give back your home or car and owe nothing on the remaining debt. However, you can you choose to keep your home or car if you can continue making payments and stay up to date on those payments.

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Filing bankruptcy is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. You don't have to go it alone. The bankruptcy lawyers at Law Offices of Robert H.Gourley Jr., P.A. will be your legal counselors and advocates throughout the process.

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