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You are most likely approaching the possibility of bankruptcy with a great deal of anxiety. No one likes the idea of avoiding financial responsibilities. However, bankruptcy can provide a sense of relief as you make a fresh start on your finances. At the bankruptcy Law Offices of Robert H. Gourley Jr., P.A., in Statesville and Mooresville, North Carolina, our lawyers will help with all your bankruptcy needs.

We rarely see repeat business from clients who have successfully filed bankruptcy. Once our clients lift the burden of unmanageable debt following a job layoff, a divorce, or a medical crisis, they get a new handle on life as they rebuild credit with confidence.

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We are a debt relief agency proudly providing debt relief options for more than 18 years.

What Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do

Bankruptcy may make it possible for financially stressed individuals to:

  • Discharge liability for most or all of their credit card debts and other debts, and get a fresh start
  • Stop foreclosure actions on their home and allow them an opportunity to catch up on missed payments
  • Prevent repossession of a car or other property, or force the creditor to return property even after it has been repossessed
  • Stop wage garnishment and other debt collection harassment, and give the individual some breathing room
  • Deal with some types of tax problems

However, bankruptcy may not:

  • Wipe out student loans
  • Erase child support obligations
  • May not get rid of more recent taxes

Our firm helps individuals decide whether to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to achieve debt relief. We answer all our clients' questions regarding:

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.