Debt Relief Options

Experienced Lawyers Handling All Your Debt Relief Needs

Are you struggling with debt and in need of a bankruptcy attorney? Maybe you want to learn more about mortgage modifications or short sales. At Law Offices of Robert H. Gourley Jr., in Statesville and Mooresville, North Carolina, we have been helping people understand their financial situation and achieve debt relief for more than 24 years. We have made a solid commitment to this area of law so that we can provide strong legal representation.

Our firm offers advice and representation in the following matters:

  • Personal bankruptcy : We assist people in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings. Our clients include builders, people overburdened by medical debt, high credit card balances and other individuals struggling with debt.
  • Mortgage modifications : Be careful of companies offering to bail you out of mortgage problems. We offer real mortgage solutionsto people struggling to pay their home loan.
  • Judgments : We can help claim your exemptions if you are sued for payment of debts.
  • Foreclosures: Our firm helps clients avoid foreclosure.

Answering Your Bankruptcy Questions

If you are facing financial difficulties, you most likely have questions about bankruptcy and what the future holds. You may have heard myths about filing bankruptcy that add to your unease and apprehension. Our firm will put your fears to rest. We will thoroughly answer any bankruptcy question you have, including:

Other Related Services

In addition to advising and representing clients in bankruptcy, our firm counsels clients on the following issues:

  • Short sales : We will inform you on the truth about short sales and help determine whether this is the best option for you.
  • Alternatives to bankruptcy : You may have options other than filing bankruptcy to relieve your debt.
  • Credit counseling: We advise on clients on matters involving credit counseling, debt management and debt settlement.

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As an informed consumer of legal services, you need to be sure that the firm you select is in fact qualified to handle the matter at hand. Today, that's more important than ever. That is why at Law Offices of Robert H. Gourley Jr., P.A. we offer free face-to-face consultations. You can learn about our legal services with no obligation to hire one of our attorneys.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.